While American Idol would like you to believe that everyone with star quality is just a natural born star as soon as they step on a stage, that’s not the truth. Sure, you can go on a competition TV program and get your 5 minutes of fame or a record deal if you’re lucky (and popular enough with the voters and judges)! Or you can do it the old-fashioned way: by working for it.

Just like any skill or study, you have to work at it. Not everyone is born with perfect pitch and the voice of an angel. In my opinion, these television programs are actually more discouraging than they are inspiring. Sure you’re crying over some contestant’s sob story one second, but the next you’re watching some girl from the middle of butt-fuck nowhere sing her heart out on stage wishing that you could do that… but you can!

If you have an inkling of talent, you can hone that talent to become something worthy of a record deal… or at least a little satisfaction from being in a musical community.

Here are a few steps you can take to taking your hint of talent and nurturing it into something more than a party trick:

  1. What are you obsessed with
    When you’re trying to figure out what kind of musician you should be, think about what you’re obsessed with. Think about the kind of music you like and think about what you obsess over.
    If you admire guitarists, maybe you should be a guitarist. If you admire singers (and you have a penchant for singing pretty decently in the shower), maybe you should be a singer. If you write songs or poetry, maybe that’s you’re an avenue into the musical world.
  2. What do you do often
    Are you always drumming on the table or bouncing your thigh? Are you always singing or humming? Are you scribbling a song down on a napkin while you compose it in your head?
    Your habits are things that you’re not only good at, but you enjoy, follow those hints, and maybe you’ll find your natural talent.
  3. Find lessons, learn all you can
    Most people stop at 2. If you do that your talent will only be allocated to your bedroom. If you want to make something of your talent you have to seek out information. If you can’t afford lessons one-on-one with a professional, you can find something online.
    You bet your ass that you can find something on Youtube!

From there you need to find other likeminded people (I’d look to Facebook groups!) and go for it! You need to have some gusto and really believe in yourself, or you’ll never reach your goal!